About us - DGS Chartered Financial Planners

About us

DGS is a firm of experienced chartered financial planners and independent financial advisers providing financial advice to individuals and employee benefits solutions to a growing list of amazing corporate clients.  We have 4 offices based in Hertfordshire, London and the Midlands.

What does ‘Chartered’ mean?

Corporate ‘Chartered Financial Planners’ status allows firms to demonstrate their professional commitment to raising standards of knowledge, capability and ethical practice.

Chartered firms must ensure staff members acquire and retain the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver the highest quality advice.

They must also work in an ethical manner that places clients’ interests at the heart of the advice they give.

Watch the short animation video for more information.

What is financial planning?

Financial planning provides advice and direction to your financial decisions. It allows you to understand how each financial decision you make can affect other areas of your finances.

We offer financial planning advice and follow a number of important steps to allow you to take a “big picture” approach so that you understand financially where you are currently . Using these steps, we can then work out where you are now, what you may need in the future and what you must do to reach where you want to be in the future.

By viewing each financial decision you take as a whole, you are able to consider the short and long-term effects on your financial goals. You can then adapt more easily to life changes and feel more secure that your goals are on track.

What does being ‘independent’ mean?

Being independent means that we can consider products from all firms across the market and will give unbiased and unrestricted advice. This allows us to select the most suitable products to meet our clients needs from the whole of the financial market place; thereby giving our clients peace of mind in the knowledge that they are receiving the most suitable advice and the highest standards of service.

Why are we different to other IFA firms?

Because we are customer focused and professional, and we always try to set our advice at a level that you can understand. Whatever your profession or background – we can advise you. Our mandate is one of “plain speaking”, which means that your understanding of the advice being offered is paramount.

Why should you choose DGS?

Because thousands of people already do. Some of our clients have been with us for two or three decades (pre-dating the birth of DGS), which we believe is testimony to how satisfied they have been with our service. The company was formed in 1999 in Chingford, London, and has additional offices in Hertfordshire and the Midlands.

We provide independent financial advice, planning and guidance to individuals, as well as supporting corporate clients with employee benefits solutions and company specific financial advice.

We have 29 fully qualified Independent Financial Advisers and 7 Mortgage and Protection Advisers.

We also have a friendly support team, who ensure that our advisers can concentrate on doing what they do best – looking after you and your financial affairs.