Community and the Environment - DGS Chartered Financial Planners

Community and the Environment

We believe in giving something back.  Here are just a couple of things that we do at DGS  to help our local communities and the environment.


Supporting the community and charities

Our offices in Hertfordshire, London and the Midlands undertake a number of activities to support the communities we work in. We support a number of local and national charities that are chosen by our people. This makes it extra special, as the causes are often close to our people’s hearts. This makes us feel good and hopefully makes the recipients feel good too.

Activities include: the sponsorship of local childrens sporting groups and other events, and the sponsorship of local village fetes and other initiatives within our communities.

We also take on work experience students and are currently in the process of implementing a financial adviser apprentice programme at our St Albans office in Hertfordshire


Supporting the environment

We are always looking for ways to improve our impact on the environment.

We have recycling bins dotted all around the offices and kitchens. We recycle plastic bottles, Tetra-Pak cartons, paper, cardboard, cans, printer toners and batteries.

We have successfully implemented a paperless office process (where we are able to for compliance reasons) in a number of our offices, and we are progressively implementing this across our business.

Our printers are duplex, helping us to save paper. Any paper we do use is recycled.


We also…

Actively encourage everyone to switch off their PCs when they are not in use and we also allow people to occasionally work from home, which has been make easier by the introduction of our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system and cloud based technology.

We have even replaced our kettles in some offices with an instant hot water tap, meaning we don’t have to waste energy boiling a full kettle each time we want to make a cuppa!

We have an onsite shower in a number of our offices, making it easier to cycle to work, helping us to encourage a fit and healthy team. It also reduces our carbon footprint.

We encourage teleconferencing and the use of video conferencing facilities when communicating across our offices.

We also aim to include environmental and ethical considerations, where appropriate in client offerings i.e. selecting ethical funds / products.