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Commercial Lending

  • What is commercial lending?
  • Asset finance
  • Invoice finance
  • Business insurance
  • Bridging fina.....
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Long-term care

  • The cost of long-term care
  • Government support for care fees
  • Your property and funding your care
  • Giftin.....
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How inflation impacts you finances

  • Measuring inflation
  • The impact of high inflation
  • What is 'Bank Rate'?
  • Purchasing power
  • Imp.....
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The Value of Financial Advice

  • The numbers bear out
  • True value
  • A vital part of the advice process
  • What investors must remember
  • .....
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Leaving an Inheritance

  • Inheritance Tax (IHT) and you
  • The benefits of forward planning
  • Protecting your family's financial future
  • <.....
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Investing in Times of Uncertainty

  • Finding the right balance
  • Communication is key
  • Adopting the longer-term view
  • Diversifying your portfol.....
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Investing for the Long Term

  • Lessons from history
  • Not the first FTSE 100 dip
  • The ascent of the 1990s
  • A 1,000-point drop
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Tax Planning

  • How professional advice can help
  • Your investments
  • Pension planning pays
  • Getting ahead with Inheritance.....
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Sustainable and Ethical Investing

  • Investing responsibly
  • The moral maze
  • Ethical investing
  • ESG and Sustainable Investing
  • The t.....
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Retirement Planning

  • Your vision for retirement
  • Your retirement options
  • The value of financial advice
  • Your retirement plan<.....
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Receiving a Windfall

  • Handling an inheritance
  • Received a large bonus?
  • Or even won the lottery?
  • Selling your business or prop.....
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  • What is a pension?
  • What types of pensions are there?
  • What tax relief do I get on my pension contributions?
  • .....
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  • Finding the right mortgage for you
  • How much can you afford to borrow?
  • Getting your finances in order
  • W.....
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Life Insurance

  • Deciding how much cover is right for you
  • Term insurance or whole-of-life policy?
  • Choosing a joint or single policy.....
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  • Finding the right ISA for you
  • How much can you save in your ISA?
  • Opting for cash or shares – or a combination?
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  • Why should you invest?
  • Lessons from the past
  • The right strategy – step by step
  • Communication – a v.....
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Investing for Children

  • Assess your objectives
  • Making an investment plan
  • Choosing the most suitable investment
  • Top tips for ma.....
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Intergenerational Financial Planning

  • A need to optimise family resources
  • ‘The Great Wealth Transfer’
  • Involving your family
  • Solutions to.....
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Inheritance Tax

  • Are you considering IHT planning?
  • What’s the threshold and how can I reduce my liability?
  • The main residence nil.....
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Home Insurance

  • Deciding what type of cover is right for you
  • Protecting your valuables away from the home
  • Understanding how an exc.....
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Equity Release

  • Two ways to release equity
  • This mortgage is for life (usually)
  • Home reversion and lifetime mortgages
  • T.....
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End of Tax Year Planning

  • Your main tax planning opportunities for the 2023-24 tax year
  • Focus on your pension, ISAs, IHT and CGT
  • Using your .....
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