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Residential Property Review November 2020

  • Housing market activity remains strong
  • Home sales pipeline increases
  • Mortgage payment holidays extended
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Commerical Property Market Review – November 2020

  • Overseas investors return to the market
  • Flexible office businesses take a hit
  • Amazon on the lookout for new UK hub.....
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News in Review Wednesday 25th November 2020

The International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) recently released annual report, entitled ‘A year like no other’, highlights the extraordinary extent of the government fiscal support provided this year to bolster global growth. As of September 2020, $11.5trn globally has been provided by governments, to extend lifelines to businesses and people. In addition, the IMF has committed over […]

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News in Review Wednesday 18th November 2020

Another grim milestone was reached last week, as the UK became the first European country to exceed 50,000 COVID deaths. The UK is now the fifth country in the world to record this toll, after the US, Brazil, India and Mexico.

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News in Review Wednesday 11th November 2020

As lockdown 2.0 kicked off in England on 5 November, at a Downing Street press conference that afternoon, Boris Johnson confirmed his intention that the rules will expire on 2 December, at which point the tiered approach will resume.

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Economic Review October 2020

  • UK recovery slows
  • Retail recovery fears
  • Markets
  • Unemployment rising
  • Brexit talks resume
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News in Review Wednesday 4th November 2020

With a shroud of lockdowns descending over swathes of Europe and the UK, as virus cases surge, England followed suit on 31 October, with Boris Johnson announcing national lockdown measures commencing 5 November for four weeks

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News in Review Wednesday 28th October 2020

Last week, as tighter coronavirus rules came into force for millions of people across the UK, Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled significant changes to the government’s support package with increased financial assistance for businesses and workers hit by COVID restrictions.

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Your Finance Matters Q4 Autumn 2020

Included in this issue:
  • The intergenerational impact of coronavirus
  • Small island living - rediscovering what we already have<.....
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Autumn Newsletter

Wealth Newsletter Autumn 2020

  • Coronavirus - a black swan event?
  • Kiss your cash goodbye
  • In the news
  • Are you on your best investor beh.....
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Autumn Newsletter

Money Newsletter Autumn 2020

  • Age 20 or 50+? Maintain your retirement focus
  • Have you saved during lockdown?
  • Titanic disaster led to historic lif.....
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Autumn Newsletter

Home Finance Newsletter Autumn 2020

  • The post-lockdown trends ruling the property market
  • Renovation nation gets stuck in
  • 'Astonishing' recovery for mor.....
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Economic Review September 2020

  • Winter economy plan
  • Lockdown recovery fears
  • Markets
  • Inflation falls sharply
  • Negative rate .....
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Property Market Review September 2020

  • Property transactions slow, but warehouse demand rises
  • Interest in large Supermarket sites surges
  • The changing fac.....
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The Week in Review Monday 28th September

Last week began with the government’s most senior science and medical advisers issuing a stark warning about the rise in coronavirus cases witnessed over recent weeks. At a Downing Street data briefing, Sir Patrick Vallance and Professor Chris Whitty said that, without any further action, the UK could “end up with something like 50,000 cases […]

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The Week in Review Monday 21st September 2020

All over the country, people have been struggling to get tested for coronavirus, with appointments paused and the system under immense pressure as demand spikes. Some people in need of a test have reported being directed to sites located hundreds of miles from their homes. Data shows that just a third of tests conducted in […]

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The Week in Review Monday 14th September

With the number of coronavirus cases rising across the UK, the Prime Minister was back on the Downing Street podium last Wednesday to announce new measures. As we enter the autumn, with the country at a critical moment and the average rate of new infection four times higher than in mid-July, the governemnt announced the introduction […]

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The Week in Review Monday 7th September

Millions of children in England and Wales returned to school last week. For many, it was the first time in attendance since March, due to the disruption caused by the pandemic. Pupils started adjusting to life in a class or year group bubble, with a raft of precautionary measures in place, such as one-way entrance […]

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Your Finance Matters

  • Building financial resiliance
  • Protecting your investment portfolio
  • Keep your retirement plans on track.....
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Summer Economic Update July 2020

In March, Rishi Sunak unveiled “one of the largest and most comprehensive economic responses in the world” to protect the UK’s population against the impact of coronavirus. The £160bn plan, the Chancellor said, was just the first stage of the government’s response to the pandemic. Four months later, on 8 July, the Chancellor stepped up […]

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Summer Newsletter 2017

Money Newsletter Summer 2020

  • Building financial resiliance
  • Maintaining your protection cover is vitally important
  • In the news
  • .....
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Summer Newsletter 2017

Wealth Newsletter Summer 2020

  • Keep your retirement plans on track
  • Reassurance for savers
  • In the news
  • Spreading risk has al.....
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Summer Newsletter 2017

Home Finance Newsletter Summer 2020

  • Property market: Where are we now?
  • Happy street name - more valuable home?
  • In the news
  • Payme.....
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We’re in the press!

Articles written by our Chartered Financial Planners Ginnette Kennedy and Paul Matthews were included in the advertisement features recently distributed with the Evening Standard and Sunday Telegraph.

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Spring Budget 2017

Spring Newsletter 2020

  • Make time for life's big decisions
  • Finger on the pulse - investing in uncertain times
  • Key points from .....
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An Introduction to Tax Planning

  • How professional advice can help
  • Your investments
  • Pension planning pays
  • Getting ahead with Inheritance.....
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An Introduction to Sustainable and Ethical Investing

  • Investing responsibly
  • The moral maze
  • Ethical investing
  • ESG and Sustainable Investing
  • The t.....
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An Introduction to Long Term Care

  • The cost of long-term care
  • Government support for care fees
  • Your property and funding your care
  • Giftin.....
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An Introduction to Equity Release

  • Two ways to release equity
  • This mortgage is for life (usually)
  • Home reversion and lifetime mortgages
  • T.....
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