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Employee Benefits Solutions

At DGS we provide a full employee benefits service for your business.

Attracting and retaining talent

Having an attractive employee benefits package that stands out from the crowd has never been more important for businesses in the war for talent.  In order to recruit and retain the most talented employees, businesses need to offer an attractive total reward package, generally incorporating relevant employee benefits and perks, as well as competitive base pay to ensure their people are rewarded and looked after.

Research and costings

DGS can review the whole of the market (so not linked to one or a handful of providers) and provide you with a detailed breakdown of the premiums associated with providing certain employee benefits, as well as some of the less traditional ‘trendy/lifestyle’ benefits/perks. We work with many corporate clients and we also speak to many HR people through our extensive hr network, so we know what’s hot and what’s not.

By offering this mix and understanding your target market, you will be able to maximise the value of your total reward spend, whilst allowing you to minimize your costs. You could also be positioning yourself at an advantage, standing out from the crowd and attracting a more diverse talent pool into your business, as well as retaining existing employees.

But wait… our service doesn’t stop there

Once you have selected the most appropriate benefits package, DGS will set up, implement and manage the employee benefits programmes on your behalf.

Our approach is to communicate these benefits to your employees through initial presentations and then on-going one-on-ones with employees and new starters.

This is provided as standard for all clients. We like being part of your business and we like to be visible!

Our team are specialists in the employee benefits field, with years of experience helping clients put employee benefit programmes in place. We work with you in creating simple and cost effective benefits plans and administration processes.

We cover nationally and have offices in London, Hertfordshire and the Midlands.


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"DGS have been incredibly supportive with regards to our businesses auto enrolmentrequirements and have been involved during the planning and execution stage. They provide a knowledgeable and personable service and work well with our HR team. I urge anyone with auto-enrolment  challenges to meet with DGS to ensure compliance and understanding."

Nina Marshall, Head of Human Resources, The Orchid Group, Hertfordshire

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